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NEW YORK – BlackFriar Films, a branch of the Dominican Friars, Province of Saint Joseph, is echoing the call of Pope Francis for young Catholics to “stir things up” and take their faith “to the streets.” The new BlackFriar Films music video does just that. Father Austin Dominic Litke, O.P. sings a new arrangement of the traditional English hymn “Come My Way, My Truth, My Life” in various locations in Manhattan and on the Brooklyn Bridge – all while dressed in the medieval Dominican habit of his order.

As The Christian Post reported in July, during stormy World Youth Day festivities in Brazil, Pope Francis told young pilgrims: “I want you to take to the streets. I want the Church to take to the streets.”

“Come My Way” was composed by NYU graduate Edward David. Artists who wish to record the song and publishers who wish to print the score should contact George Goss at the Dominican Foundation, who will forward requests to the songwriter.

In “Come My Way”, Father Robert Koopmann, O.S.B. plays piano and Ms. Leah Sedlacek plays violin.

Background on the BlackFriar Films ‘Come My Way’ music video

The Dominican Friars, Province of Saint Joseph, are chaplains of the Catholic Center at New York University, where Father Austin Litke, O.P. serves NYU students and collaborates with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), who are also missionaries on the NYU campus.

As a result, BlackFriar Films (formerly called Kindly Light Media) was started in December 2010 by graduates of NYU’s Tisch Film Production School along with Father Gabriel Gillen, O.P. These recent alumni are dedicated to their Catholic faith and producing films to move the hearts and minds of young people.

In less than three years, BlackFriar Films has produced six documentaries and is co-producing a feature with EWTN called Fulton Sheen: The Art of Preaching. This came about when Father Gillen recovered vintage film of Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

The BlackFriar Films catalog includes The Sea Within, a film with philosopher Peter Kreeft on how the sport of surfing inspires people to ponder the magnificence of God through nature. Other BlackFriar Films on DVD include Master of the Sacred Palace with Father Wojciech Giertych, O.P., a priest of the Polish Province of the Dominican Order, theologian to the Papal Household and former master of the Sacred Palace; Five Paths to the Priesthood; and The Catholic Center at NYU: Icon of the New Evangelization.

The modest BlackFriar Films team includes John Fisher and Joshua Vargas, graduates of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU; plus George Goss, who earned a Master of Digital Photography degree at the School of Visual Arts.

Young people are flocking to the Dominicans

BlackFriar Films seeks to help perpetuate the Dominicans’ 800-year tradition which includes the intellectual giant Saint Thomas Aquinas, whose beautiful hymns are still sung today, and Blessed Fra Angelico, whose masterpiece paintings are admired by the world.

Because of truth, beauty and tradition, young people are flocking to the Dominicans. In the New York Times story “For Friars, Finding Renewal by Sticking to Tradition,” Father Gerard Dunne reveals the appeal of the Dominican Order from his home in Cork, Ireland.

In the United States, recently ordained Father Austin Litke, O.P., a priest, teacher and artist, represents a boon in vocations to the Dominican Friars, Province of Saint Joseph. Today, more than 70 young men are studying for the priesthood in this province alone, and over 1,000 Dominicans are in formation for the priesthood worldwide.

Father Litke’s fellow performers in “Come My Way” have dedicated years of their lives to serving young people. Father Robert Koopmann, O.S.B. is former president of Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota – and Ms. Leah Sedlacek served as a FOCUS missionary at Columbia University in New York City and Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Now Leah is based at the FOCUS headquarters near Denver, where she coordinates short-term mission trips throughout the world.

While the “Come My Way” video and MP3 recordings are free, the Dominican Foundation welcomes financial donations to support its work.

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13 Comments on “Come my Way

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  2. I have watched and listened to this video about ten times in one day. I can’t adequately describe how much I love everything about this extraordinary video. It seems an insult to call it a video. Everything about this was, in my opinion, perfect. Even the expression on Fr.’s face as he sung or walked. The peace he had in his expression. The musicians, the street scenes, in the midst of all that, peace and love. The music, the music. The beautiful people playing, all of it. The editing. The haunting melody. The lyric.
    I may have to watch this every day. It made me feel…peaceful, and also, God’s love for me. That is truly amazing to me. Thank you so much.

      • You’re welcome Georgegoss. I am listening to it again today, May 5, 2014. I am still amazed by this video. It’s so beautiful I so wish everyone would hear it! This entire video, everyone in it, the musicians, Fr. Litke, the backdrop of the city, and words, and especially that incredible music, are so perfect it surprises me, really, that this is not known and played even in the secular world. It is very, very special.

  3. Couldn’t this (and other music like it) be made available on audio CD for purchase? The video is beautiful but I have more time to listen (while driving, etc.) than to watch.

  4. Will “Come My Way” be available for download or purchase? Would love to put it on my iPod and listen to it regularly.

    Thanks and God bless you!

  5. This is such a beautiful video and the word that comes to my mind is Peace. This song/video reaches the depths of my soul…Please make more like this. Thank you and may you continue to be lead by the Holy Spirit.

  6. I don’t think you all realize how good this work is. This should be on secular media. MTV and VH1 and the like. This sacred art/music will draw souls to Christ. Think outside the box gang. This is exceptional. Put more work like this together and make an album and sell it. Let this ‘Tiger’ out of the cage!! This is great. This is marketable, meaning it will connect with the indifferent souls. This work is powerful/beautiful. Please recognize what you’ve got here and please continue it. I will be sending a donation.

    In gratitude,

  7. I’d like to see more Religious take to the Streets in their full distinctive Habits of their respective Orders, and Congregations. We need more Ss. Francis and Dominic out there bringing Christ to the World at large. There is an Italian Franciscan who also did a Music Video, and he’s called Friar Alessandro. I enjoyed both respective videos equally.

  8. I watch this video often and I agree, it is perfect. It brings peace and joy to the soul. Thank you and God bless you in your work!

  9. I just found your video on Facebook and loved the video. Beautiful and inspiring and a real sense of hope for the future of the Church. God bless you.

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